7 Ways To Apologize To Your Customer

You try really hard to prevent bad customer service.

You spend hours training your staff and building relationships with your clients.

However, at some point, one of your customers will have a negative experience with your company. Maybe it was a substandard product. Perhaps slower than expected delivery. Whatever it is, your client is unhappy, and you have to make it right.

How do you work your way back onto their good side?

There are numerous ways to handle disgruntled customers, and we’ll discuss some of them here:


  1. Offer a discount code

One way to apologize to unhappy clients is to offer them a discount on a future product or service. A discount code shows your customer that you’re making an effort to make things right. Of course empathizing and apologizing is a great first step, but accompanying your apology with a discount will not only communicate that you are genuine but also encourages your customer to give you another chance and patronize your business again.


  1. Provide a refund

The gravity of your client’s negative experience will determine the extent of your apology. A simple “I’m sorry” for a serious offense or wrongdoing may not sit well with your client. Offering a full or partial refund for the inconvenience will have a much greater impact.


  1. Send an email or personally written card

Another way of apologizing is to send your customer a message via email or handwritten note. In the message make sure that you indicate your regret about the incident, how you intend to rectify the situation, and request feedback from the client. The message should make them feel cherished and valued without any element of shifting blame onto the customer. You regret the incident and your goal is to make it right.


  1. Provide a gift

Another way to show how truly sorry you are for the mishap is by sending your client a gift. It could be a complementary product or service that you offer that you think they would love. It can also be something completely different from your offering like a nice bottle of wine. This gesture will show how much you value them and their business.

  1. Have someone in management contact them

When your client has a negative experience they may not expect to be contacted by someone from your management team. Your clients may presume that your customer support team will give them the runaround after an undesirable incident. It is a welcoming surprise when someone from your management team reaches out to them personally to apologize. This will help win your clients over because in their minds, the boss personally took care of their issue.


  1. Take full responsibility

Even when it is not entirely your fault, take responsibility for it. At no point should you tell your client that it is their fault. Take responsibility for any misunderstanding or outcome and then put your energy into winning the client back.


  1. Learn from the experience and ensure that it doesn’t happen again

Apologizing is the first step, however, what you do after will have everlasting effects on your company and its reputation. Let your client know what you learned from the experience and thank them for bringing it to your attention. Review the steps you will have taken to avoid this scenario in the future.

Negative customer experiences happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them. While this is a difficult situation for any entrepreneur, how you respond can actually help you develop a stronger connection with your client.