The Black Wallet

Our History, Mission, Purpose, and Founder

The Black Wallet

Our History, Mission, Purpose, and Founder

What’s The 411?

The Black Wallet is a digital directory center for Black entrepreneurs and their businesses. We have pulled together to create a place where people looking for your don’t have to search very far.

The Black Wallet exists to promote, educate, and inspire Black businesses, their owners and the Black community at-large.

We offer an online directory, mobile app, and customer perks to stay involved with your company and its sales. 

New Biz,

Who Dis?

Black-owned businesses have a perception issue and we’re working to fix it. From the front end, we publicize Black owned businesses that have put in the work. High quality products and services, great customer experiences, and rave reviews. From the back end, we can point business owners that haven’t reached these milestones in the direction to learn exactly how to level up.

Life Isn’t Fair…

We live in a world where there is enough success and money available for all individuals. However, the path to success is more difficult for some than others. That’s why we do this, to help level the playing field that has taken advantage of and abused our community for so long. We strive to link businesses with strong individuals that provide education, resources, social engagement, and encouragement for all members of the Black community. We are champions of entrepreneurship, ownership, and group economics. We are more than a directory, we are a catalyst for change. We are a movement.

Jasmine Grant

“I’m trying to change the narrative of Black businesses. We do have great customer service. We do have great presentation. We are present in a variety of industries.

We’re the creative, trend-setting, hard-working back bone of this country and I’m tired of our wealth not reflecting that.”