You matched.

The conversation was great.

You decided to work together.

Things were going very well.

Then one day nothing.

And then nothing.

More nothing.

With your heart pounding you send more emails.

And more emails.

No response.

Your feelings ranged from sadness to frustration, anger, disappointment.

Like how?

It’s you, you’re great!


Fret not, my dear friend. It happens to the best of us. Ghosting is no longer relegated to dating – it happens in business too.

If you find yourself ghosted by your clients, here’s what you can do.

  1.    Be sure that you’ve done all you can do

It’s not you, it’s me. No, sometimes it’s you. As horrible as ghosting is, you should take a moment and reflect; make sure that your client disappearing is not due to some form of neglect on your part. Maybe a lack of communication? Not delivering a service or product on time? Perhaps, doing business with you is downright frustrating? All of these behaviors communicate disrespect, and your client may have had enough. Ensure that you have not done anything to drive your customer away. And if you have, acknowledge and rectify the situation with your client accordingly. Alternatively, if you can ensure that everything on your part is good, that’s half the battle, and that will help you determine what you do next.

  1.    Don’t take it personal

So, yes, sometimes it’s not you, it’s them. Remember, a client’s lack of communication is not necessarily a reflection on you or your talents. It does not mean you are a horrible business person. It doesn’t mean they hate you. Maybe they are busy. Family obligations or emergencies can get in the way. If they are running a business themselves, there will be periods when they are bogged down with tasks. You know how it is, you’re an entrepreneur too. Do not internalize it. A friendly nudge conveying your understanding that life gets busy, and that you are available whenever they are ready to proceed can be the key to getting a response.

  1.    Pick up the phone

In the world of emails and text, sometimes a quick phone call is just what you need to set yourself apart. Calling your client is an effective way of getting their attention. Maybe they have not had the chance to check their emails. You’ll have to gauge the relationship based on previous interactions, but if you’ve communicated via phone calls before, make it quick and check up on them to make sure everything is alright.

  1.    Use humor

Alright, you hate talking on the phone; that’s a conversation for another time. But if all else fails, try sending a humorous email. Remember your clients are human too and humor goes a long way. Here’s an example of an email that a content creation company sent to a client who disappeared:

” subject:


After not hearing from the customer for a week, the company received a response in under an hour with a laughing emoji and an explanation that the client was swamped with work but the email made her laugh, and it was just what she needed at that moment. And guess what? the customer was so impressed she started a new project with the company for her email marketing needs.

  1.    Let the client go

Look you’re not alone, and it sucks. You’ve tried everything, and your client is still not responding. Sometimes, as rude as it is, this is a client’s way of letting you know they don’t want to work with you anymore. It would be nice if they told you up front, but that’s a decision that they have made, and you cannot spend time ruminating over it. This is your client showing you who they are so just let them walk away.

Ghosting is a low blow; it stings. It will happen to you at some point, if it hasn’t already. As an entrepreneur, your job is to manage your emotions and focus on growing your business. Honestly, this is a minor inconvenience amongst all the other issues that you will come across. Get back to focusing on what matters (hint: producing more of your dopeness) and you’ll get clients that want to work with you over and over.