Truthfully speaking, neither The Cut Buddy Shaping Tool nor the grooming company of the same name were invented on purpose. The original idea for The Cut Buddy Shaping Tool was an accidental life hack created to fill a simple everyday need.

Joshua Esnard, the Inventor, Founder, & CEO of The Cut Buddy, came up with the original Cut Buddy Shaping Tool idea back in 2000 when he was just a 13-year old kid in Ithaca, New York. He was tired of making too many errors trying to cut his own hair and couldn’t easily get to the barbershop.

After years (and years, and years, and years….) of testing out haircut and beard template shapes to make sure his template product worked on ANY head size or hairline shape, he found the perfect design. Esnard went on to patent the original Cut Buddy Shaping Tool design (along with personal grooming tool designs) in January 2015, fifteen years after creating his first stencil at 28.

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