Brandon Franklin’s journey into the craft of hat-making started in 2009.
After working for Ralph Lauren, he stumbled upon one of the oldest hat-shops in NYC, established in 1922.

While there, he spent a little over 5 1/2 years working with vintage tools and developing age-old techniques which are used in every piece he crafts.

In 2014 B.M. Franklin & Co. was born. Originally based in NYC, our classically trained artisans work with the finest fur-felts and hand-woven straws from all over the world.  Brandon’s passion for detail and fellowship is felt through one-on-one consultations and hat-making experiences.  We are dedicated to using quality tools, superb craftsmanship and the finest materials from around the world to create each and every piece.  Our creative mindset is not to re-invent the wheel or meddle with the craft; but to add expression and creativity through the pieces we produce.

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