I believe that the Most High has put all of us here for a purpose. We touch each other’s lives in different ways. I hope that Orijin Bees adds something positive to our community. A mother’s love is a gift. Mothers come in all forms, but they share the same foundation. Love. A mother’s love extends beyond her children and to the children around her. This love is what we built Orijin Bees with. This love is what will help us grow together. It’s why our GetOne GiftOne program was born – to pass that love on to all children.

The future is bright, and our work has inspired us to grow and develop our mission beyond dolls and other educational toys for children. Our mission won’t be over until every child knows their worth and can hold a toy that looks like them and represents their community. It won’t be over until we teach every child to love themselves and their identity instead of conforming to society’s demands.

I hope these toys are seen not as objects but something so much more. They are a way for children to take pride in their heritage, celebrate their identity, and embrace their cultural roots. These toys are a conversation piece to form a discussion around education our children and reunifying our society. These teachings will help develop the next generation into the Kings and Queens that they are destined to be.

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