We believe that if you care about something, you should take care of it. If something matters to you, you should show it. Love is a verb, right?

We do stuff all day every day. We brush our teeth (hopefully). We go to work. We plug stuff in and watch and send and store stuff. We eat. We talk. We play. We clean. We spend money. And all of that adds up. It uses energy and water and resources. It goes into our bodies, out in the air, and rinses down the drain. It gets used, thrown away, or eaten by a fish. Or it doesn’t.

So we thought: what if we tried to use all the things we do every day to make things better and not worse? What if we tried to minimize harm and maximize impact? What if we were so intentional about all the things we do every day that our entire way of being actually aligned with our values — the things we care about, the things that matter to us?

Way of Being is about doing all the little things you do with more intention because you care and have the power to make things better and not worse.

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