Derrick Wynn had a problem—a serious problem—and it had been going on for too many years. He suffered visibly from razor bumps.

“Some of the bumps got so infected that they grew to the size of a golf ball,” he remembers.

He knew there had to be a better way than expensive visits to the dermatologist. He started doing some research into the history of shaving and what other black men had done through the centuries to keep their skin smooth after shaving. One thing he found was that centuries ago, men would rub their faces with sand to exfoliate the skin and keep it smooth.
“That gave me an idea, so I turned to my friend Sam.”

Sam is a NASA engineer and long-time friend of Derrick’s.

“It was literally a pain in the neck. Just under the jaw line is where my razor bumps appeared after every shave—and I have to shave for work,” Sam shares.

Together, they tried many designs and formulations before arriving at the right version of the Tstone. The specially formulated tephra stone exfoliates the skin and releases each individual hair from getting stuck beneath the skin — the exact cause of razor bumps. To hear Sam explain it, “Each time a curly hair gets cut, a microscopic scab forms at the point of the cut. The body reacts to this phenomenon by trying to expunge the hair, then the bumps form. It mostly effects those of us with curly hair — especially African Americans.”

The Tstone, with its pores, gently lifts the hair away from the skin. Used consistently, the hair is only allowed to grow straight out, so razor bumps don’t occur.

It worked. Sam and Derrick had finally solved the problem of razor bumps and Derrick looks great—according to Sam’s sister.

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