Newsflash: Your Customers Are Not Stupid  

Your customers are not stupid.

In the world of Google and YouTube where information is readily available, your customers may actually know more than you do about the product or service you offer.

Crazy thought, I know!

But here’s the thing. Having a well-educated customer base provides you with a world of opportunities!

You’re able to engage your clients in more meaningful conversations and foster deeper relationships by recognizing them as peers. As partners in the experience you’re providing for them.

Your customers may not understand certain aspects of how you deliver your product or service. They just may be applying their own expectations about your offerings that may not perfectly align with your current reality.

And that’s fine.

Because this provides even more opportunities for you. You can swoop in and give the information needed, instill trust, highlight your expertise and credibility, and deliver clear and concise information to make a customer for life.

Your customers are more like your partner in a marriage. Treating them like your better half will open up opportunities for your marketing efforts and the goals you wish to achieve in your business. Your customers know their problems better than you do, and you can then deliver a solution that speaks to them where they are.

And that solution should be presented in a way that empowers your customers and makes them feel in control (i.e., user-friendly products, seamless websites, and designs).

The idea that your customers are stupid very often is rooted in your customer base not being fully aligned with what you’re selling (literally and figuratively). As a business owner that misalignment is your responsibility to measure, acknowledge, and get right!

If after all this your customers still seem stupid, you’re just attracting the wrong crowd. And that’s your responsibility to fix!

Because no matter how tempting it is to reach this conclusion…

Your customers are not stupid!